vision , mission and core values


The Auditor General's organization is the prime institution in the country for ensuring public accountability and fiscal transparency in governmental operations. The organization is expected to bring about improvements in the financial discipline and internal control environment in the executive departments for minimizing the possibility of waste and fraud.

The Auditor General of Pakistan is appointed under the Constitution of the country. His reports are laid before the National, Provincial, and District Assemblies and are considered in the Public Accounts Committee of the respective Assemblies. His mandate enables him to strengthen the legislative oversight by providing an independent and objective assessment of the process of governance both at the federal and provincial levels.

The budget of the Auditor General is classified as "charged" expenditure. All charged expenditures are not voted upon by the Parliament. This arrangement lends his institution a degree of independence. About 1500 qualified officers assist the Auditor General in the discharge of his responsibilities. SAI of Pakistan is an equal opportunity employer.


A model supreme audit institution adding value to national resources.


Serving the nation by promoting accountability, transparency and good governance in the management and use of public resources for the citizens of Pakistan.


INTEGRITY: Our Way of Life  
We ensure Integrity by:

  • Conforming to ethical standards and code of conduct
  • Compliance of professional standards in our work
  • Honesty and Objectivity in carrying out our work