CPA introduction

Citizen Participatory Audit

The Department of Auditor General of Pakistan is the prime institution in the country for ensuring public accountability and fiscal transparency in governmental operations and is headed by the Auditor General of Pakistan.

The DAGP intends to initiate Citizens’ Participatory Audits under which support of citizens and civil society organizations will be engaged for more participatory audits. Initially, citizens and CSOs will be engaged in providing suggestions for areas in which to conduct audit. In subsequent phases support of citizens and CSO will be solicited in execution of audits. The CPAs will help towards further aligning audits by DAGP with the issues of concern for citizens and civil society.  Introduction of CPA in DAGP is aimed at brokering a new relationship with citizens for engagement in the public audit process as it is universally acknowledged that effective and meaningful citizen engagement is essential in enhancing accountable governance, effective management of public finances and the delivery of public services.