MAY 2015

NOTIFICATION Dated 19.05.2015

Officers Name (Mr/Ms/Mrs) From To
Yareen Khan Awan Repatriated from deputation DAG (CA&E) AGP Office Islamabad (OPS)
Rubina Safeer

DG (Finance) NESCOM HQ, Islamabad

DAG (Prov. Audit) AGP Office Islamabad (OPS)
Ghulam Mustafa FA&CAO/PR, Pakistan Railways, Lahore Member Finance, Railways Railway Board, Islamabad (OPS)
Sheeren Akhtar DG (HRM) AGP Office Islamabad CF&AO M/o Finance Islamabad
Khurram Reza Quershi CF&AO, M/o Religious Affairs and Inter Faith Harmony, Islamabad (OPS) DG IR&C, AGP Office Islamabad (OPS)
Muhammad Omar Cheema Director PIFRA, Islamabad CF&AO M/o, Parliamentary Affairs, Islamabad (OPS)
Ahmar Ellahi Director AATI, Lahore CF&AO Establishment Division, Islamabad (OPS)
Naveed Akram Ch. Director (Admn-II), AGP Office CF&AO Economic Affairs Division, Islamabad (OPS)
Hassan Saqlain Director CISA, AATI Lahore DG (HRM) AGP Office (OPS)
Nusrat Khan Director Audit, District Govt. KP Mardan CF&AO, Planning & Development Division Islamabad (OPS)

NOTIFICATION Dated 15.05.2015

Officers Name (Mr/Ms/Mrs) From To
Farooq Ahmed DAG, AG Punjab Lahore CAO, Pakistan Mint, Lahore (OPS)
Imran Akhtar AAG, AG Punjab Lahore DAG, AG Punjab Lahore (OPS)
Raja Danial Saleem AAGPR, Islamabad A.D. DBA, Pak PWD Islamabad
Muhammad Ishaque AAGPR, Islamabad Dy. Director, DG MIS, CGA Islamabad (OPS)

NOTIFICATION Dated 11.05.2015

Officers Name (Mr/Ms/Mrs) From To
Imdad Ali DG Audit, District Govt. Punjab (N) Lahore Awaiting Posting
Nasir Ahmed DG Audit, Railways Lahore DG Audit, District Govt. Punjab (N) Lahore
Muhammad Saeed CF&AO, M/o OPF and Human Resource Development, Islamabad DG Audit, Railways Lahore

NOTIFICATION Dated 08.05.2015

Officers Name (Mr/Ms/Mrs) From To
Israr-ul-Haq Dy. Director Audit Defence Services, Rawalpindi Treasurer, University of Engineering & Technology, Taxila

NOTIFICATION Dated 06.05.2015

Officers Name (Mr/Ms/Mrs) From To
Muhammad Asif Khan PPPMCL CF&AO, Ministry of Water & Power, Islamabad
Mazhar Ali Khan Dy. Director, ERRA, Islamabad Director Commercial Audit, Wah Cantt. (OPS)





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