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ستمبر 2015


NOTIFICATION Dated 30.09.2015
مراسلہ مؤرخہ : 30.09.2015


Officers Name (Mr/Ms/Mrs) From To
Ali Tariq Awaiting posting Dy. Director Provincial Audit Wing AGP Office Islamabad




NOTIFICATION Dated 29.09.2015
مراسلہ مؤرخہ : 29.09.2015


Officers Name (Mr/Ms/Mrs) From To
Nazeer Ahmed Sehar Member, Sindh Revenue Board, Govt. of Sindh GM (Finance), Karachi Port Trust (KPT), Karachi
Syed Gulzar Hasnain Awaiting posting CF&AO, Inter Provincial Coordination Division
Naveed Akram Ch. Awaiting posting CF&AO, Law Justice & Human Rights Division






NOTIFICATION Dated 21.09.2015
مراسلہ مؤرخہ : 21.09.2015


Officers Name (Mr/Ms/Mrs) From To
Masood Ahmed Director Audit, Defence Services, Lahore (OPS) Awaiting posting (HQ at Lahore)




NOTIFICATION Dated 17.09.2015
مراسلہ مؤرخہ : 17.09.2015


Officers Name (Mr/Ms/Mrs) From To
Zuna Waheed Butt Dy. Director Audit Defence Services, Rawalpindi at the disposal of BISP, Islamabad




OFFICE ORDER Dated 14.09.2015
مراسلہ مؤرخہ : 14.09.2015


Officers Name (Mr/Ms/Mrs) From To
Iftikhar Ahmed Babar Awaiting posting Director RRA Wing, AGP Office Islamabad
Baquee Bin Hanif On repatriation from deputation Director Audit, Defence Services Lahore
Muhammad Ali Asif Gilani Director Audit, Punjab Lahore Director Commercial Audit, Lahore
Ashfaq Ahmad Malik Director Audit, District Govt (N), Lahore Director Audit, Punjab Lahore
Asif Hameed Director Commercial Audit, Lahore Director PAW, Lahore
Muhammad Kamran Khan Dy. Director, Audit Local Councils, Sindh Karachi Director Audit, Custom & Petroleum, Karachi (OPS)
Zaigham Abbas Dy. Director Audit, Inland Revenue, Lahore Director Audit, Federal Govt. Islamabad (OPS)
Muhammad Tufail Shad Director PAW, Lahore (OPS) Director Audit, District Govt. (N), Lahore (OPS)
Khalid Iqbal Dy. Director AATI, Karachi Director Audit, Local Councils, Sindh Karachi (OPS)
Muhammad Tariq Director RRA Wing, AGP Office Islamabad (OPS) Director IRV, AGP Office Islamabad (OPS)
Abid Qayyum Burki Dy. Director, Commercial Audit, Karachi Director Audit (FG), Karachi (OPS)
Muhammad Shafiq Dy. Director Audit, Punjab Lahore Dy. Director Audit, PT&T Lahore















OFFICE ORDER Dated 11.09.2015
مراسلہ مؤرخہ : 11.09.2015


Office Order Additional
Auditor- General-I
Auditor General of Pakistan
  • The Auditor General of Pakistan has been pleased to approve that the different wings of DAGP will work under the supervision of Additional Auditor-General-I and Additional Auditor-General-II.
  • Additional Audtior General-I will be the principal Accounting Officer of the Department.
  1. FAOs
  2. CA&E
  3. Accounting Policy
  4. District Audit
  5. DG (IR&C)
  6. DG (B&A)
  1. RRA
  2. Defense Audit
  3. Provincial Audit
  4. Audit Policy

The following wings will work under the direct supervision of Auditor-General of Pakistan

  1. Admn & Coordination
  2. IRV&MT









NOTIFICATION Dated 09.09.2015
مراسلہ مؤرخہ : 09.09.2015


Officers Name (Mr/Ms/Mrs) From To
Kamran Ali Hashmi Director Audit, Local Councils, Sindh Karchi at the disposal of CGA Islamabad


NOTIFICATION Dated 04.09.2015
مراسلہ مؤرخہ : 04.09.2015


Officers Name (Mr/Ms/Mrs) From To
Maqbool Ahmed Gondal DG (FAO-II), AGP Office Islamabad DG Audit, Works (Federal), Islamabad
Syed Bilal Ahmed Dy. Director Audit, DGA KP Peshawar Dy. Director Accounts, Police Department K.P
Muhammad Ayub Dy. Director Accounts, Police Department K.P repatriated with immediate effect, with the directions to report this office immediately.






NOTIFICATION Dated 03.09.2015
مراسلہ مؤرخہ : 03.09.2015


Officers Name (Mr/Ms/Mrs) From To
Zafarullah Khan Soomro Awaiting posting CF&AO, National Food Security & Research Division
Nasir Ahmed Awaiting posting CF&AO, Science & Technology Division
Rukhsana Gilani Awaiting posting CF&AO, Kashmir Affairs & Gilgit Baltistan Division
Muhammad Faheem Awaiting posting DG Audit, District Govt. K.P. Peshawar
Syed Atif Ayub DG Audit (Works) Federal at the disposal of National Highway Authority under communication Division








NOTIFICATION Dated 02.09.2015
مراسلہ مؤرخہ : 02.09.2015

Officers Name (Mr/Ms/Mrs) From To
Javed Jehangir Additional Auditor General-II, AGP Office, Islamabad (OPS) Additional Auditor General-I, AGP Office, Islamabad (OPS)
Shagufta Khanum (Ms) Dy. Auditor General (RRA), AGP Office, Islamabad Additional Auditor General-II, AGP Office, Islamabad (OPS)
Syed Karamat Hussain Bokhari Dy. Auditor General, (District Audit Wing), AGP Office Islamabad Awaiting posting (HQ at Lahore)
Hasmat Iqbal (Ms) Awaiting posting Dy. Auditor General (District Audit Wing), AGP Office Islamabad
Ghanzanfar Abbas Jilani Dy. Auditor General (Accounting Policy), AGP Office Islamabad will look after day to day work of the post of Dy. Auditor General (RRA Wing), AGP Office Islamabad.









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