Pakistan is a vibrant and multicultural country 140 million people located in a strategically significant region. Through significant reform measures in the recent past it has achieved macro economic stability. The economy is being deregulated to make it attractive for both domestic and international investors.

At the policy level it is recognized that modern accounting systems and new audit methodologies are crucial for good financial governance. Re-engineering of economic and financial management functions In Pakistan include:

  • Adoption and implementation of a modern accounting system designed according to internationally recognized accounting principles and standards, and based on modern information technology for ensuring ready availability of relevant, accurate and timely information required by managers.
  • Increasing professionalism in the elements of its civil services, which deal with financial and economic management, and inclusion of key competencies in their training.
  • Implementing a governance structure and legal framework for an independent audit function that supports public accountability through democratically elected public representatives.
  • Increasing partnership between the private and public sectors in their respective areas of comparative advantage, and
  • Adopting improved standards for private sector financial disclosure.


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