Auditor General of Pakistan has been pleased to approve the Strategic Plan of the Department of the Auditor General of Pakistan on 5th Nov, 2015. The Department of the Auditor General of Pakistan (DAGP) has been playing its role in ensuring public accountability and transparency, and promoting good governance by adding value to national resources. To honour these responsibilities in a befitting manner, the DAGP has been striving to upgrade its capabilities. Various initiatives, from time to time, included the defining of Vision, Mission and Core Values of the DAGP; aligning of audit independence, legal mandate, organizational and financial independence with Lima and Mexico Declarations; upgrading the DAGP audit methodologies; and improving human resources. The effort has to be integrated, coordinated and continued for a sustained impact. That is what this Strategic Plan aims at. Therefore, a comprehensive review exercise was undertaken in the backdrop of current and future challenges. The challenges come from ever changing complex governance environment including the growing reliance on information and communication technologies (ICTs) employed in the public sector. Besides, privatization, public debt management, disaster management, energy management, gender issues, public private partnerships, enhanced accountability demands, etc. needed to be considered for the meaningful audit. The third important factor is the improvement or introduction of new cost effective auditing techniques and technologies that produce better results. The review has been conducted in accordance with the INTOSAI’s Strategic Planning Handbook framework that suggests needs assessment by a Supreme Audit Institution (SAI) before strategic planning. The DAGP completed needs assessment, according to the detailed road map given in INTOSAI’s Capacity Building Needs Assessment (CBNA) 2009. This included taking stock of the prevailing situation and identification of gaps with the involvement and participation of all tiers of DAGP. The current strategic plan may be viewed as a continuation of previous efforts but devised in the light of recently completed Needs Assessment Report. The Strategic Plan aims at: Improving provisions of the AGP Ordinance to align them with the INTOSAI standards and Constitutional Articles as amended vide 18th amendment. Upgrading the capacity of staff to cope with emerging and future needs. Enabling all staff members to utilize updated procedures, methods and manuals of the DAGP.
  • 11 November, 16
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